Amherst Regional Middle School

Ultimate Spring 2012 Schedules

Schedule for all players (Travel Team-only schedule is below)
Thursday, February 16 Information Meeting for players in the ARMS cafeteria after school
Monday, February 27 Spring Sports Open Housefor parents (at ARHS, enter by the Gym)
Monday, March 19 First day of practice (all players)
Tuesday, March 20 Travel Team tryout (must attend at least 2 if you are trying out for the Travel Team)
Wednesday, March 21 Travel Team tryout (must attend at least 2 if you are trying out for the Travel Team)
Thursday, March 22 Practice for all players
Friday, March 23 Travel Team tryout (must attend at least 2 if you are trying out for the Travel Team)
Monday, March 26 Practice for all players
Thursday, March 29 Practice for all players
Monday, April 2 Intramural Games
Thursday, April 5 Intramural Games
Monday, April 9 Intramural Games
Thursday, April 12 Intramural Games
Monday, April 23 Intramural Games
Thursday, April 26 Intramural Games
Monday, April 30 Intramural Games
Thursday, May 3 Intramural Games
Monday, May 7 Intramural Games
Thursday, May 10 Intramural Games
Monday, May 14 Intramural Games
Thursday, May 17 Intramural Tournament
Sunday, May 20 ARMS Tournament (Intramural teams play in the AM)
Monday, May 21 Intramural Finals
Thursday, May 24 Girls Game (all ARMS Girls)


Intramural Teams

* = captain)
Gray Team
Mercer Blanchard
Joe-z Coppinger *
Sean Fox
Jeremiah Friedman
Daniel Gonzalez
Dantoine Hamilton
Max Hopley
Keegan Madden *
Annie Pollak
Emma Schneider
Selena Seang
Christine Sherwood
Jonah Weinbaum
Kale Wenczel *
Green Team
Ben Berger
Drew Chasse
Mia Hartl *
Scott Harvey-Arnold
Camila Hwang-Carlos
Jared Kannel *
Jon Payne
Malcolm Reyes-Stoneham
Manuela Rojas
Solomon Rueschemeyer-Bailey *
Eva Shannon-Dabek
Michael Warren
Noah Zobel
Red Team
Nick Auerbach
Nathan Baron Silvern
Akshat Dhankher
Oliver Fay *
Andreas Gilpin-Falk
Lydia Gray
Kalyani Kastor
Nevin Murray *
Josh Roth
Ben Siege
Ben Tan
Livvy Weld *
Harry Wolff Landau
Sage Young
Yellow Team
Avery Clotfelter
Elende Connor *
Aoife Dahill-Baue
Nick Ding
Ryan Dinger
Noah Fay *
Will Ingram
Simran Kaur
Ian Kaye
Katy King
Lenny Knight *
Theo McCallum
Sarah Wennemyr
Jeremy Yang

Intramural Standings

Team W L Pct
Red 8 2 .800
Gray 8 2 .800
Green 4 6 .400
Yellow 0 10 .000

Contest Results picture of contest winners


Schedule for Travel Team
Tuesday, March 27 Travel Team Practice
Wednesday, March 28 Travel Team Practice
Tuesday, April 3 game vs ARHS Boys JVB at ARMS (not at Fort River) W 13-12
Wednesday, April 4 Travel Team Practice
Wednesday, April 4 7:00 PM meeting for Travel Team Parents
Saturday, April 7 at 10:00 AM game vs St Johnsbury JV at ARHS W 15-3
Saturday, April 7 at 12:00 PM game vs St Johnsbury Girls at ARHS W 15-1
Tuesday, April 10 game vs Hartsbrook W 13-5
Wednesday, April 11 game vs ARHS Girls Varsity W 10-9
Tuesday, April 17 Travel Team Practice (optional - vacation week)
Wednesday, April 18 Travel Team Practice (optional - vacation week)
Tuesday, April 24 game vs Hilltown W 12-4
Wednesday, April 25 Travel Team Practice
Saturday, April 28 NMH Tournament (all day)
  Albany HS L 5-11
  Eagle Hill School L 8-11
  NMH B L 7-8
Tuesday, May 1 game vs Four Rivers Middle School at Greenfield (bus leaves after school from ARHS) W 15-2
Wednesday, May 2 Travel Team Practice
Saturday, May 5 Amherst Invitational (all day at Hampshire College)
  Somerville HS L 5-15
  Newton North HS L 3-15
  Deerfield Academy L 9-15
Sunday, May 6 Amherst Invitational (all day at ARHS)
  Phillips Andover L 5-15
  ARHS Boys JVB W 13-11
Tuesday, May 8 game vs Hartsbrook at Hartsbrook (return to ARMS at 6:00) W 13-9
Wednesday, May 9 Travel Team Practice
Saturday, May 12 Greenfield Tournament (all day)
  Chapel Hill Chauncey L 12-13
  Four Rivers HSB L 6-13
  Hartsbrook MS W 13-1
  Andover HSB W 15-12
Sunday, May 13 Eaglebrook Tournament (all day)
  Bement W 13-4
  Hilltown W 13-4
  Hartsbrook W 13-1
  Four Rivers HSB W 13-3
Tuesday, May 15 game vs Northampton Middle School cancelled
Wednesday, May 16 game vs ARHS Girls Varsity at ARHS L 14-15
Sunday, May 20 ARMS Tournament (Travel Team plays in the afternoon)
  Rhode Island W 13-5
  Westfield NJ W 12-6
Tuesday, May 22 game vs Four Rivers Middle School W 15-6
Wednesday, May 23 game vs ARHS Boys JVB W 13-11
Sunday, May 27 Massachusetts State Tournament at Devens (all day)
  Sharon C W 11-8
  Catholic Memorial B W 11-2
  Xaverian B L 2-15
Tuesday, May 29 game vs PVPA JV at PVPA (return to ARMS at 6:00) cancelled
Wednesday, May 30 Travel Team Practice
Thursday, May 31 game vs Northampton Middle School at Northampton (return to ARMS at 6:00)
Tuesday, June 5 parent/sibling game
Wednesday, June 6 Travel Team Practice
Thursday, June 7 Travel Team Practice
Friday, June 8 game vs ARMS Faculty W


Travel Team

* = captain)
Mercer Blanchard
Avery Clotfelter
Elende Connor
Joe-z Coppinger
Nick Ding
Noah Fay
Oliver Fay *
Mia Hartl
Scott Harvey-Arnold
Jared Kannel *
Lenny Knight
Nevin Murray *
Solomon Rueschemeyer-Bailey
Ben Tan
Jonah Weinbaum
Kale Wenczel
Harry Wolff Landau